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Earn as many refunds as you trade!

  • In order to be included in the Lot Refund campaign, you must contact your Prestige Invest Investment Advisor. Investors who do not submit their campaign request or whose request is not accepted by the institution will not be able to request a refund.
  • Investors participating in the campaign are defined according to their transaction volume, based on the conditions in the table:
    Refund Amount (USD) Minimum Investment Amount (USD) Monthly Min Transaction Volume (Lot)
    2 300 10
    3 1000 30
    4 2500 50
  • The returns of the investors benefiting from the campaign are transferred to their accounts on the first working day of each month.
  • When calculating the return, the transactions of the investors in Forex, gold, silver and petroleum products will be included. Operations on products other than these are not included in the calculation.
  • The campaign is valid on standard account types.
  • If inconvenient situations such as account management, hedge or bonus arbitrage are detected in the relevant accounts, the campaign will be deemed invalid.
  • The Lot Refund campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns, and bonuses cannot be added to the accounts included in the campaign.
  • 8-Prestige Invest has the right to change or cancel the conditions of the campaign.
  • Prestige reserves the right to change all the rules of this bonus or cancel it as a whole. The customer is responsible for complying with the rules of any promotion or campaign.