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It is our duty to see the opportunities, to take the right steps in the company of experts, to support and act as an intermediary to turn your investments into success by managing time correctly.

It is inevitable to achieve success by creating your strategy correctly, doing your research well and educating yourself. However, while making these investments, you should not forget that the quality and reliability of the institution you work with is one of the main factors affecting your success.

The investment markets are full of flexible offers for investors. That's why every trader wants to work with brokers that offer the lowest spreads and highest leverage. In the Prestige family, we value your investment and time as much as you do, and we always offer you the information you want. We work to master all the details of the markets and analyze the strategies that will put you on the right path, not a dead end.

You can often hear from our investors who work with us that we will provide you with ideal conditions in these challenging and lucrative markets. Moreover, with Prestige, when you want to change your point of view in the markets and continue your transactions, it is very easy to easily move your account from other brokers. You can transfer your account to our company with all your open positions and all your profits or losses. All you have to do is declare your balance, open positions and the values ​​of these positions.

With the screenshots you will send to your RightFX Investment Representative, your account will be opened quickly and your transactions will be recorded in the system.

It is entirely up to you to invest in yourself and make unlimited profits with a new and correct strategy. You can contact us on our live support line, social media accounts and phone numbers for any questions and information requests regarding the transfer of your account.