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You can increase the diversity of your portfolio by trading commodities such as oil, gold, silver, natural gas that directs foreign exchange trading. Our investors, who want to profit from commodities affected by economic, political and environmental factors, closely follow the pulse of the markets by following all market developments and Investnero Market analysis.

You can increase the diversity of your portfolio by trading on the values created by the market depending on the supply and demand situation of commodities that drive trade such as oil, gold, silver and natural gas.

We will bring you together with our expert analysts and strategists for any details you may need, and we will help you take the right step with timely communication.

You can get detailed information about everything you are wondering by contacting our Live Support team or our investment representatives.

Petroleum Products
The primary energy source of the world economy is crude oil. Therefore, crude oil and its derivatives constitute the most traded popular assets. We support our investors to understand the main factors affecting oil prices and to seize the opportunities of the energy market with high volatility and liquidity.
Oil and gas are highly speculative assets. The energy market has high volatility and liquidity, which offers very good opportunities for unlimited profits. The fact that natural resources are highly affected by political events and natural disasters makes it possible to accurately predict their short-term movements. We recommend that you consult our experts and follow the agenda and market news to learn how you can benefit from energy products.

Low volatility and highest liquidity metals are easily predictable, making them a good choice for beginners and seasoned traders alike. A key feature of over-the-counter metal trading is that it provides inflation protection, which is sensitive to exchange rate fluctuations but is not offered by other financial assets.
Precious metals are products whose prices are easily predictable because they have the lowest volatility and highest liquidity. It makes a good option for both beginners and experienced traders. It is also possible to win with small collateral. Because precious metals have been around for a long time, a multitude of strategies and technical tools are available. As Prestige, you can learn the leverage rates we offer you and start your period of stable and unlimited earnings right away.

Swap and spread rates may be updated by liquidity providers depending on market activity and market conditions. The rates on this page are indicative and are valid for normal market conditions.

For no-swap symbols, this period is valid for 30 days. For periods exceeding 30 days, the rates of liquidity providers can be reflected in the accounts.

ALUMINIUM 18 -5.5 -5.5
BRENT 2 -0.95 0.13
COCOA 29 -96.1 -87.5
COFFEE 25 -263.5 -212.7
COPPER 20 -5.5 -5
COTTON 20 -197.2 -175.7
NATGAS 3 * *
SUGAR 100 -81.2 -77.5
WHEAT 200 -51 -51
WTI 2 -1.85 0.23
XAGUSD 24 * *
XAUUSD 53 * *